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Refurbish: to Renovate and redecorate

Just what your parquet floor needs when it has lost its youthful good looks – and is in a dull, worn and miserable state.

And you’ll get the best results when you engage the services of an experienced floor sanding company.

Look no further than:


A friendly, family run company with over twenty years in the floor restoration business. We have restored hundreds of parquet floors of all sizes, types and patterns.

And in every setting from domestic properties large and small – to business and commercial; the office or shop; bar or restaurant; town hall or library; gallery or museum.

The Refurbishing Parquet Floors Specialists!

The right expertise

  • All our team members are fully trained to the exacting standards of the National Wood Floor Association (NWFA). Some have been with us since we started.
  • No matter how old or poor the condition of your floors, we’ve seen and refurbished far worse.

Adaptable and considerate:

  • Refurbishing your floors involves some inevitable disruption, which we keep to an absolute minimum.
  • We can work flexibly – at weekends or even overnight – to adapt to your social or working schedule and ensure you won’t lose out on valuable business.

Sensitive to your needs

  • Your parquet floor is an important component of your property and can be a reflection of your own values.
  • We’ll listen closely to discover the kind of floor you wish us to create – in both function and appearance.

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How did Parquet come about?

The builders at the French Court of Versailles in the late 1600s had a problem…

The frequent washing of the beautiful marble floors allowed water to accumulate around the joists, causing the wood to rot.

Their solution was ingenious: placing small wooden blocks on a solid base, sealed and waterproof.

Not only practical but offering all kinds of creative possibilities: the shape of the blocks and the contrast in the wood grain led to geometric patterns of great beauty.

Three hundred plus years on, parquet is not only the luxury choice of palaces and ballrooms. The mass production of blocks enabled more everyday properties to install parquet floors. Many thousands survive throughout the UK.

Testimonials from Our Valued Clients

David L
Refurbishing Parquet Floors is absolutely fantastic! Their team recently worked on my parquet floors, and ...
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David L
Refurbishing Parquet Floors is absolutely fantastic! Their team recently worked on my parquet floors, and I'm delighted with the results. They were professional, efficient, and paid great attention to detail. My floors look like new, and the finish is impeccable. I wholeheartedly recommend their services for parquet floor refurbishing.
David L
David L
Sarah K
I'm thoroughly impressed with the service provided by Refurbishing Parquet Floors. They completely transformed my ...
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Sarah K
I'm thoroughly impressed with the service provided by Refurbishing Parquet Floors. They completely transformed my floors, making them shine brilliantly. Their prompt service and attention to detail are commendable. I highly recommend them without hesitation.
Sarah K
Sarah K
Isabella M
When I needed quick and professional parquet floor refurbishing, Refurbishing Parquet Floors delivered beyond my ...
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Isabella M
When I needed quick and professional parquet floor refurbishing, Refurbishing Parquet Floors delivered beyond my expectations. They completely revitalized my floors, and the results are stunning. Their work is top-notch, and I couldn't be happier.
Isabella M
Isabella M
Thomas P
I had the privilege of working with Refurbishing Parquet Floors on a commercial project, and ...
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Thomas P
I had the privilege of working with Refurbishing Parquet Floors on a commercial project, and they were exceptional. Their team was punctual, professional, and highly skilled. They successfully restored our office parquet floors, making them look brand new. I highly endorse their services for both residential and commercial projects. They truly know how to bring out the best in your parquet floors!
Thomas P
Thomas P

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Refurbishment: what it involves

The assessment

We examine your floor closely and set out the options for the kind of surface you want in its looks and function.

There are many stains and sealants on the market – with various advantages and implications. We’ll show you how they compare in practical use.

We’ll quote for each stage of the refurbishment process, so that we can create a package that fits your requirements

On the day

Every room has to be completely cleared of furniture, machinery or office equipment. A job in itself!

No need to risk your staff or families’ backs. We can move items of furniture and old floor coverings. We can even dispose of these if you require.

The work begins

We secure loose blocks – and if the floor is uneven, we’ll level it off.

Damaged or missing areas..

Replaced with matching blocks. We can use blocks from other rooms in your property if they are not to be refurbished.

Or we will source matching material from recycled sources throughout the country. Many were made during the height of parquet from 1930s to 1970s, in a staggering range of shapes and sizes. If necessary, we’ll cut blocks to size!

Any gaps can be filled in using a mixture of wood dust and resin.

We can also remove unwanted features such as fireplaces and hearths – and cover the space with fresh blocks.

Time for a smoothie

The heart of the process is the sanding away of all traces of old paint, varnish and lacquer. To leave a smooth bare surface.

Simple to envisage, not so easy to do. We use a variety of machines including handheld sanders for those awkward corners. When necessary we will even use sandpaper by hand.

As for mess and disruption, sanding is no longer a byword for clouds of lingering dust. Our sanding is 99% dustfree – the machines collecting Experts in Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding Londondust from outside each room.

Only the best

Your floor is too precious to be spoilt with substandard materials. We test new products as they appear to ensure that we only recommend stains and sealants of the highest quality.

They provide the best long term investment: highly durable and retaining the good looks of your floor for longer.

Some may require more than one coat – so we allow adequate saying time.

A new look?

An optional stage is to stain the bare wood.

A clear stain enhances the wood grain: a coloured one gives depth and a floor to match or contract with your décor.

You have many a choice: bright and modern for the eco-age; darker for more traditional looks. Ask for our advice on colour schemes.

Although coloured stains and waxes/lacquers can be applied, we don’t recommend these. It is difficult to ensure an even coat and once the surface is damaged, dirt will cause the colour to change.

We recommend performing staining and sealing in two distinct stages. The colour is easier to control and stays fast as the sealant is subjected to wear and tear.

The protective layer

Your sanded and stained floor now needs protection from the eager users who will deign to step upon it.

Your choice depends on the impression you wish to make – and the amount of wear it likely to experience.

Natural oil: for the traditional look of a wooden floor.

Hardwax oil: harder wearing and penetrates the wood for a non glossy look.

Both sealants are great at highlighting the natural grain of the wood – bringing out its inherent colour.

Lacquer: a synthetic sealant for the hardest-working areas. Modern lacquers have a natural look (unlike the old floor varnish), are water-based and environmentally friendly – perfectly safe for use in the home around children and pets.


Keep your floor in great condition. Our after care advice is a phone call away.

Your floor is easy to clean by regular sweeping. Avoid vacuums with cylinder brushes as they can spread grit.

Use a damp mop for light cleaning. Excess moisture should be avoided.

And depending on the sealant, modest resealing for oil and wax. When the surface of lacquer is lightly worn, a light sanding may be topped up with a thin coat of sealant.

Imagine the gasps..

when you gather your guests, visitors and family to reveal your new floors

Ask us for your FREE assessment today.

Our Before & After Work

We Are Certified & Insured

Getting ready for floor sanding and varnishing work

When you are having any contractors or workmen in your home, it makes sense to think ahead and prepare as much as possible. This makes sure that their work is less disruptive and minimises any inconvenience and delays.

If you have decided to renovate a wood floor in your home or workplace, there is a tendency to fear the worst. You may imagine that sanding wood is bound to be a messy job. Plus, creating varnished and polished wood floors is going to generate fumes.

Fear not. Though preparation is a good thing, there is no need to panic and start putting dust sheets throughout the property – or opening every window and door.

Word of warning here though. Using DIY sanding equipment when you are inexperienced can be extremely messy and can generate fine particles that can invade every available crevice and surface.

Fortunately, modern professional floor sanding equipment in the hands of an expert is a whole different matter. We can be a great deal more efficient at producing a flawless finish, with little or no mess. Any residual dust that does escape will be cleared up by the crew.

Getting the room ready

The actual room where the work is being done to create a sanded and varnished wood floor does need considerable preparation of course. It needs to be as clear as possible of furniture and such things as pictures on walls.

And any carpeting needs to be done, of course! Make sure the room is well lit and there is good access to power.

If you can take doors down in advance, that can be a great way of speeding things up. If things like that are an issue, talk to us and we can make arrangements to create an obstacle-free surface to create your newly renovated wood floor.

If something can’t be moved from the room, we can cover it with a sealed sheet that protects it.

Expectations and smiles

Professional sanding machines are quick and produce an incredible transformation, but they can be quite noisy. So be ready for that and warn the neighbours if need be.

Also, bear in mind you won’t be able to walk on it straight away so make alternative arrangements if it is a thoroughfare.

We generally recommend that any joinery, electrical, plastering, glazing or plumbing work is completed in the room before sanding and polishing begins, to avoid damage to your new floor’s perfect finish.

The aim is to leave you with wooden floor restoration that leaves you smiling, and no mess or concerns that bring a frown.